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Double redirect A redirect which leads to another redirect. Aotw, AotW Abbreviation of Wikipedia:Article of the week, the former appellation of Wikipedia:Collaboration of the week. Shortcut A redirect used within Wikispace to enable editors to get to a project page more quickly. Not to be confused with Wikipeda books (PDFs made of multiple articles), WikiProject Wikipedia-Books, WikiProject Books, or Wikipedia:Notability (books). Articles become featured articles when a FAC gets consensus for promotion. Desc Abbreviation for "description". GPL GNU General Public License. Recent changes are checked regularly by editors doing RC patrol, which means checking all suspicious edits to catch vandalism as early as possible. Articles for Deletion (AfD see the, wikipedia:Guide to deletion. Common abbreviation for Wikipedia, especially for pages in the Wikipedia namespace. Other terms with the same meaning: contributor, user. Administrators and rollbackers have special tools to do this more easily.

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These articles are often potential candidates for merging into larger articles. See also Help:IPA, Help:IPA/English, the more detailed IPA chart for English dialects, and Wikipedia:Manual of Style (pronunciation). See also Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee (arbcom). Some may consider this term in bad taste or hyperbolic. Reincarnation A new user account created by a banned user to evade the block. For example, stub is expanded to the following: This article is a stub. Lugo A meme associated with stagnation or the lack of sufficient updates on the Main page. Internal link See free link, wikilink. Magic word, magicword, magic-word a symbol recognized by the MediaWiki software and which when seen in the non-commented text of the page, triggers the software to do something other than display that symbol, or transclude a page with that name, but instead to use the. See also NC, Wikipedia:Manual of Style. Actionable In featured content promotion discussions, all objections to promotion must be actionable that is, it must be possible to make changes (or "actions so the specified problem can be resolved. IAW An abbreviation for "in accordance with as in "IAW WP:RS". Original post, original poster In a discussion thread, refers to the topic/person/message which started the discussion.

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See also Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not a dictionary. Speedy Abbreviation for Speedy delete (or "speedy rename" as appropriate). Wikipediholic, Wikiholic A Wikipedian who obsesses over the project to the point where interacting with Wikipedia becomes akin to a psychological addiction. See also Wikipedia:Shortcut for the policy on these redirects, and Wikipedia:List of ehefrau ficken lassen girl sex perfect shortcuts for a complete list. Now used jokingly by many Wikipedia administrators, usually to describe themselves lingam massasje oslo pakistan sax performing actions that the affected users may not like (such as blocking vandals and deleting bogus pages). Stubs are marked with stub templates, a specific type of cleanup template, which add the articles to stub categories sorted by subject matter. Stealth canvassing WP:stealth The inappropriate canvassing technique of notifying editors off-wiki about ongoing Talk page discussions. Wikitext See Wiki markup. Usually used to determine who added the string of text. The part after the is the name of the Category. Category tags look like this: Category:Computers. Here, the article's "featured" status is considered for removal. Back to contents WP:BAD Abbreviation for Wikipedia:List of bad article ideas. See also Help:Pipe trick, and m:Help:Piped link Automatic conversion of the wikitext. This often includes standardizing the content and style of the articles using an agreed upon standard format. Deletion with prejudice indicates that there's a problem with the subject of the article, and that it should not be recreated in any form (although deletion review can overturn this). Swag Scientific Wild-Ass Guess.

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