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The site also includes sexual content such as images and videos of masturbation and ejaculation, illustrations of zoophilia, and photos from hardcore pornographic films in its articles. "Manipulation among the arbiters of collective intelligence: How Wikipedia administrators mold public opinion". "Systemic Bias in Wikipedia: What It Looks Like, and How to Deal with It". New York: Random House Publishing Group. Archived from the original (PDF) on April 3, 2012. Retrieved November 1, 2006. A b c Blodget, Henry (January 3, 2009). The building's top floor contains a private residence for Cheung Kong Holdings' billionaire Chairman Li Ka-Shing. A b "Langham Place Office Tower". Retrieved April 10, 2019.

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111 Wikipedia does not require that its editors and contributors provide identification. 1 2 3 Due to common practice of skipping floors with the number 4 (e.g. 139 For instance, Meta-Wiki provides important statistics on all language editions of Wikipedia, and it maintains a list of articles every Wikipedia should have. "Log on and join in, but beware the web cults". 69 70 A frequently vandalized article can be semi-protected or extended confirmed protected, meaning that only autoconfirmed or extended confirmed editors are able to modify. 276 Semantic Web The website DBpedia, begun in 2007, extracts data from the infoboxes and category declarations of the English-language Wikipedia. 313 On September 16, 2007, The Washington Post reported that Wikipedia had become a focal point in the 2008 US election campaign, saying: "Type a candidate's name into Google, and among the first results is a Wikipedia page, making those entries arguably as important. "The Belcher's Tower 6". One principal concern cited by The New York Times for the "worry" is for Wikipedia to effectively address attrition issues with the number of editors which the online encyclopedia attracts to edit and maintain its content in a mobile access environment. 53 Lih alleges there is serious disagreement among existing contributors how to resolve this. A b "Jardine House". Sophie Taylor (April 5, 2008). 1 2 3, a The tallest building in Hong Kong is the 118-story. Skyscrapers also grew in the New Territories, such as the developments of Metro Town and lohas Park in Tseung Kwan.

amateur pornodarsteller pornokino aurich

by just.7 of the users. 37 Wikipedia gained early contributors from Nupedia, Slashdot postings, and web search engine indexing. 331 The Dilbert comic strip from May 8, 2009, features a character supporting an improbable claim by saying "Give me ten minutes and then check Wikipedia." 332 In July 2009, BBC Radio 4 broadcast a comedy series called Bigipedia, which was set on a website. 1 Tower numbers may not be assigned sequentially in Hong Kong's multi-tower complexes due to the number 4 and its meaning in Chinese culture. A b c d e f g h i "lohas Park Complex". "Wikipedia falling victim to a war of words". Complete bans from Wikipedia are generally limited to instances of impersonation and anti-social behavior. Initially an English-language encyclopedia, versions in other languages were quickly developed. "Harnessing the wisdom of crowds in Wikipedia: quality through coordination".

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'We are really pushing toward more transparency. "Sun Hung Kai Center". 147 148 Critics have stated that Wikipedia exhibits systemic bias. "The 15 Biggest Wikipedia Blunders". List of Wikipedias "List of Wikipedias". Mullin, Joe (January 10, 2014).

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55 Wikipedia blackout protest against sopa on January 18, 2012 A promotional video of the Wikimedia Foundation that encourages viewers to edit Wikipedia, mostly reviewing 2014 via Wikipedia content Milestones In January 2007, Wikipedia entered for the first time the top-ten list of the most. Retrieved October 8, 2015. Archived from the original on October 11, 2006. Archived from the original on February 9, 2008. Pie chart of Wikipedia content by subject as of January A 2008 study conducted by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Palo Alto Research Center gave a distribution of topics as well as growth (from July 2006 to January 2008) in each field: 196 Culture. This is used, for example, in confirming the permission for using individual images and other media in the project. A b c "Wikipedia. For Wikipedia's policy concerning censorship, see Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not censored Wikipedia has been criticized for allowing information of graphic content. "Let's Make a Wiki". 116 The English Wikipedia has 5,846,199 articles, 36,195,812 registered editors, and 137,020 active editors.

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Frei oma porno gratis kostenlose pornos 294 The Pew Internet and American Life project found that one third of US Internet users consulted Wikipedia. Already, the presidential entries are being edited, dissected and debated countless times each day." 314 An October 2007 geile maedchen nackt fickgeile weiber Reuters article, titled "Wikipedia page the latest status symbol reported the recent phenomenon of how having a Wikipedia article vindicates one's notability.
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Swingerklub de kassel saunaclub Thus a building's total count of actual floors may not be equal to the number of the top floor. His artful use of"tions to capture Lincoln's voice.
Swingerclub junge paare penthouse regensburg 280 At the polnische frauen heiraten gmunden time of the Tretikov appointment and her posted web interview with Sue Gardner in May 2014, Wikimedia representatives made a technical announcement concerning the number of mobile access systems in the market seeking access to Wikipedia. "Wide World of Wikipedia". 11 Sanger coined its name, 12 13 as a portmanteau of wiki (the Hawai'ian word for "quick" 14 ) and "encyclo pedia ". 304 In December 2008, the scientific journal RNA Biology launched a new section for descriptions of families of RNA molecules and requires authors who contribute to the section to also submit a draft article on the RNA family for publication in Wikipedia. Yair AmichaiHamburger, Naama Lamdan, Rinat Madiel, Tsahi Hayat, Personality Characteristics of Wikipedia Members, CyberPsychology Behavior, December 1, 2008, 11 (6 679681; doi :.1089/cpb.2007.0225.